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Brandy Butter

Challenge Nine: Holiday Drabbles and Drawbles
Author/Artist: valady
Wizard: Remus Lupin
Witch: Nymphadora Tonks
Rating/Warnings: G/PG
Prompt: #82 brandy butter

Nymphadora Tonks wanted so much to give her love, Remus, a Christmas dinner that he would always remember. He had talked about the Christmas dinners his mum used to make, complete with Christmas pudding and brandy butter.

“I’m stuffed, Dora. I haven’t had a dinner like this since I was a child.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hope you have room for dessert though.”

She set a bowl of pudding on the table, along with….

“Tonks, is this…brandy butter?”

“Yes. You said your Mum served it with Christmas pudding. I think we should carry on that tradition.”

“Most definitely.”

Author/Artist's Notes: Thanks to violet_snape for doing a quick beta on this for me. Also, thanks to seaislewitch lewlinx and redvelvetcanopy for the wonderful job they do here. I’m so glad I found this community!

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