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A Night To Remember

Challenge Eight: An Evening With Severus Snape
Title: A Night To Remember
Author: valady
Main wizard: Severus Snape
Characters: Hermione Granger
Rating/Warnings: G/PG
Genre: Romance
Word count: Exactly 500
Prompt: Holding her closely

The moon was full; the air still held the warmth of the summer sun and the smell of night blooming jasmine drifted on the breeze. The waters of the lake were calm reflecting the stars and the moon like a mirror. He wanted tonight to be one she would always remember and look back on in years to come as ‘the perfect night’.

Severus nervously paced back and forth wondering where she was, she was normally on time, ‘Perhaps she was held back at work’, he thought. Turning to the table he had the house elves set up he checked to make sure everything was just right; champagne, single blood red rose in vase, her favorite meal being kept warm in the kitchens, magical music book playing some soft jazz. The most important piece for this night, safely tucked away in his pocket.

The only thing missing was his witch. He set the wards to let him know when she entered the gates, ‘I should be there when she arrives.’ As he walked towards the gates, he thought back on the last two years of their relationship, the talks, the arguments, the nights of unbridled passion. ‘Yes, this was definitely the right decision,’ he thought as he neared the gates of Hogwarts. He saw her appear and she entered the gates.

“Severus,” she said as came into his arms and kissed, “sorry I’m a little late, last minute emergency at work.”

“I figured as much. Come, I have a special evening planned just for you.”

As they neared the lake, Hermione smiled as she saw what Severus had prepared for her.

“Oh Severus, this is wonderful.” Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed his cheek.

“Well I wanted to make this a special night for you, my love.”

He held out her chair for her to sit then took his own and opened the champagne, pouring a glass for each of them.

“A toast,” he said, “to you my beautiful Hermione, the full moon pales in comparison to you.”

He saw the blush spread across her cheeks as they each took a sip of the champagne.

“I do hope you’re hungry, the house elves prepared your favorite.”

They ate, they talked, and they danced. Hermione could not have pictured a more perfect night.

Severus took her hand and led her off to take a walk around the lake. As they came upon a bench they sat, he placed his arm around her shoulder holding her closely.

“Hermione, we have been seeing each other for two years now, and in those two years we have come to know each other quite well I believe. I think well enough to know that I love you,” sliding down on to one knee, he took her hand, “ and I wonder if you would do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Hermiones’ eyes filled with tears, “Yes, Severus, I would be honored.”

He placed the emerald ring on her finger and they kissed passionately.

Author's Notes: Thanks to Violet_Snape for getting me through this one.

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