valady (valady) wrote in romancingwizard,

One Wish

Challenge Nine: Holiday Drabbles and Drawbles
Author/Artist: valady
Wizard: Severus Snape
Witch: Hermione Granger
Prompt: #4 one wish

They sat together sipping on brandy, and listening to the wireless.

A tree stood in the corner with wrapped gifts spread out under it.

She stood and walked to the tree retrieving a present she had hidden within its branches.
Returning to the sofa, she handed the gift to him.

”I want to give this to you tonight, Severus.”

Hermione handed him a rolled parchment, tied with a red ribbon. Unrolling it he read, this parchment entitles you to have one wish fulfilled.

Holding her hand, he said, “I already had my wish fulfilled. The day you said, I do.”

Author/Artist's Notes: Thanks to violet_snape for catching my ‘OOPS’.

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