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Romancing the Wizard

HP Wizard-centric Het Fiction

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A challenge community for het Harry Potter fan fiction.
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Welcome to Romancing the Wizard,
the Live Journal challenge community for het fan
fiction, featuring the romantic adventures of the
wizards from the magical world of Harry Potter.

(Updated and/or Revised on January 22, 2009)

Community Focus

This is a Harry Potter-themed challenge community, featuring our beloved wizards in a variety of heterosexual romantic situations. The focus is always on romance at romancingwizard.

Community Statement

We are a challenge community with adult members writing a variety of genres and ratings. While there is the occasional story with tasteful and legal adult content, we are not an adult-oriented community. The occasional story with an NC-17 rating will be place behind a cut and will include appropriate warnings as per Live Journal guidelines and Terms of Service. (This statement was added on August 8, 2007.)

Current Challenge:

No further challenges are scheduled at this time. (3-3-2010)

Recently Completed Challenges:

Challenge Twenty-One: Winter Holidays Past
The challenge was to write a 500-word romantic winter holiday story which takes place in the past (Founders to the Marauder Era), features a het pairing, shows a magical element, and conveys the meaning of the prompt.
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Twenty: The Wizards of Summer - Drabbles
In five days, our members wrote five themed 100-word summertime drabbles, featuring five different het pairings with no repeat characters.
Drabble Series Listing by Author

Challenge Nineteen: Bring Out Your Dead!
The challenge was to write a 750-word romantic story, which stars a canonically dead wizard from the headstone art, uses a prompt from the table, includes an original magical device, and shows a zest for life!
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Eighteen: March Madness Redux
The challenge was to write a 500-word romantic story which incorporated a predetermined rare pairing, a prompt situation, an original spell, and a spring-like setting. Thirty prompts were issued, and thirty stories were posted.
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Seventeen: Messages From The Heart
Members wrote 750-word romantic stories which incorporated the prompt, some magic, and a written message from the heart. For this challenge only, members were able to use either a canon wizard/canon witch pairing or a canon wizard/original witch pairing.
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Sixteen: Second Annual Holiday Drabbles
One hundred and thirty 100-word drabbles with a holiday theme, and the majority feature rare pairings.
Drabble Listing by Wizard
Drabble Listing by Author

Challenge Fifteen: Deathly Hallows Missing Scenes
Twenty-four missing scenes from chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Fourteen: Half-Blood Prince Drabbles & Drawbles
Our last challenge before book seven was released produced sixty (60) 100-word drabbles of thirty (30) different wizards by twenty-six (26)authors.
Drabble/Drawble Listing by Wizard
Drabble/Drawble Listing by Author

Challenge Thirteen: Marauder's Map
500-word romance stories set during the Marauders Era, with a canon wizard/canon witch pairing, specific location, prompt, and incorporating a magical element. (Most stories feature rare pairings and canon pairings.)
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Twelve: March Madness
500-word romance stories featuring a rare pairing prompt, a prompt situation, an original or canon spell and spring. (All stories feature rare pairings.)
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Eleven: Amortentia and Chocolate
750 to 1500-word romance stories using a picture prompt, a canon wizard and witch, a potion, a sweet and February.
Story Listing by Wizard
Story Listing by Author

Challenge Ten: Pride & Prejudice
500-word historic tales, featuring the wizards of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. (All stories feature rare pairings.)
House of Black Stories

Challenge Nine: First Annual Holiday Drabbles and Drawbles
100-word drabbles and quick drawings with a holiday theme and featuring over 65 stories with rare pairings.
Drabble Table by Prompt
Drabble Listing by Author/Artist
Drabble Listing by Wizard

Challenge Eight: An Evening With Severus Snape
Forty 500-word stories, twenty-two feature rare pairings.
Severus Snape Stories

Challenge Seven: Quidditch Players
Twenty 1500-word stories featuring our wizards as Quidditch players.
(19 of the 20 stories feature rare pairings.)

Quidditch Player Stories

Challenge Six: 100-Word Drabbles
One hundred 100-word drabbles featuring thirty wizards by twenty-eight authors.
(Numerous pairings, many rare pairs.)

Drabble Table by Prompt
Drabble Listing by Author
Drabble Listing by Wizard

Community Guidelines

General guidelines:

You must be 18-years-old to become a member and to participate in the challenges for this community. There is occasional (tasteful and legal) adult content, so minors are not allowed to join. Memberships are moderated but are usually approved within two days. (If your membership is not approved, scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.)

Our challenges will have detailed guidelines and templates. We expect complete cooperation when members participate.

What is Allowed
Only HP wizard-centric, heterosexual romance fan fiction and art in response to our challenges is accepted by this community.

Most genres and ratings are accepted. Please review our rating and genre guides below.

Wizards and their witch partners must to be at least 18-years-old if engaging in sexual situations.

Stories that contain bondage will be reviewed by the moderators on a case by case basis. Only mild, consensual bondage in a romantic setting is permitted at romancingwizard.

Since our focus is on romance at Romancing the Wizard, stories containing sensitive or controversial topics must be shown to the moderators before you try to post.

What is Not Allowed
We do not allow art or stories which contain the following: underage (under 18) sex of any type, rape, non-con, blood play, knife play, anal penetration, double penetration, foreign object penetration, physical or emotional abuse, incest, threesomes, orgies, or abortions because the focus of this community is on romance. There are plenty of other places to find these things, just not here. [Note: The Moderators reserve the right to add to this list at anytime.]

Since we are a community for het fan fiction and art, we don't allow slash or fem slash. No gender bending/Polyjuice stories are allowed. See Why het only? below.

NC-17 art is not allowed at romancingwizard.

Character, ship, or author bashing is NOT allowed here. (Your post and/or comments will be deleted.)

Proof-readers (required)
A proof-reader is someone who will give a final once over for a near perfect story. They are an extra set of eyes to catch a stray comma, an embarrassing usage faux pas, etc. Experienced writers may not use beta-readers, but they will use a proof-reader to double check their story.

All stories at Romancing the Wizard must be proof-read for canon spellings, grammar, and punctuation, including proper comma usage. If you try to post something that is not up to par, your story will be rejected, and you will be asked to seek a proof-reader. We have a team of experienced proof-readers to assist you for our challenges only. Details about the procedure to request a Proof Witch during a challenge are in this post.

We do understand that even the most accomplished author will make the occasional error. We make mistakes too. We are asking everyone to make the effort to post only polished, proofread work at Romancing the Wizard.

Using Beta-readers
A beta-reader is someone who will give a thorough editorial review of a story, including specific suggestions for improvement of characterisation, plot, and other elements, as well as canon spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections. They may also review the story for challenge criteria. New writers will often use beta-readers. Experienced writers who are 'stuck' on a scene may seek the advice of a beta-reader.

New writers will generally use a beta-reader first, make the corrections suggested and then have a proof-reader (it can be the same person or someone else) go over the final story. This step is crucial because new writers often make new punctuation and grammatical mistakes when correcting stories with beta comments.

Constructive Criticism
Constructive criticism, in our opinion, is best done in private. If you have a question or concern, please contact the community moderators.

Moderated Submissions
To maintain community standards, almost all posts will be reviewed before they show up on the entries page, usually the same or next day.

Challenge Length Guidelines
Here are the guidelines for word count for challenges at Romancing the Wizard:

RTW Drabbles: exactly 100 words
RTW Flash Fiction: 250, 500, or 750 words (exactly)
RTW Short Story: up to 1,500 words (see Challenges Seven, Eleven, and Fifteen)

The moderators will update these guidelines as needed.

Community Rating System
Little or no potentially offensive images, dialogue or action.
Non-graphic mature images, dialogue and action, may include
non-graphic sexual situations and character death.
Graphic dialogue, description, and/or action, may include graphic sexual situations but only those allowed in the community guidelines. (Fiction only. NC-17 art is not allowed to protect our community.)

New Community Genre Labelling System
Romance at its best. A non-graphic love story.
G/PG or PG-13/R
A charming, light-hearted romantic tale with a happy ending. Also known to some as fluff.
G/PG or PG-13/R
Romance stories that make the reader laugh out loud--intentionally.
G/PG or PG-13/R
Romance stories that are plot-intensive and may incorporate the other genres.
G/PG or PG-13/R
Romance stories that are angsty and may be dark with sad endings. Might include character illness, injury or death.
Usually PG-13/R
Romance that is passionate, sexy and more graphic, AKA tasteful smut. (Fiction only. NC-17 art is not allowed.)

The Romancing the Wizard Team:

seaislewitch, Lead Moderation Witch & Head of Magical Games and Sports
redvelvetcanopy, Moderation Witch & Head of the Department of Mysteries
lewlinx, Moderation Witch & Head of International Magical Cooperation
missblane, Moderation Witch & Head of Magical Law Enforcement
gelsey, Proof Witch & Authorized Wizard Fitness Examiner
ladywhitehart, Proof Witch & Mysterious Faculty Mistress
somigliana, Proof Witch & Professional Sportswizard Inspector

Retired Team Members:

sophierom, Proof Witch & Wizard Inspector
velvetcandy, Proof Witch & Eye Candy Inspector

About the Wizard Art:

Thank you, perselus, for creating the sexy wizard art for our site! Her portfolio can be found here: Perselus at Deviant Art.

The wizard art was commissioned and is owned by seaislewitch. Do not use.

Starting at the top, moving clockwise: Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Viktor Krum, Bill Weasley, Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy, and last, but certainly not least, Severus Snape.

Why het only?

This is a het fan community, but the site moderators are not against homosexuality. There are already many LJ sites that are exclusively for slash (and now fem-slash) fan fiction and art, so we decided to start an LJ community for those who are interested in het romance fiction and art. Slashers are welcome to join and post, except all postings must be het. It is not our intention to upset, offend, or exclude anyone.

Why was my membership denied?

There are a few reasons why your membership might be denied:
1) If a person requesting membership has a blank or near blank Live Journal -- one which has no posts, interests, friends, profile information or links to writing -- their membership will not be approved. We like to know who are members are, and an anonymous journal doesn't give us any information. If the person would like to be considered, they may email us to introduce themselves or another member may recommend them.
2) If we think you are under 18-years-old, then you will not be approved.
3) Anyone who is a known troublemaker or whiner will not be approved for membership. We are a peaceful lot, and we aim to keep it that way.
4) The moderators reserve the right to refuse membership to best serve the interests of the community.

Why was my membership revoked?

If a member: does not follow the guidelines, does not cooperate with the moderators, does not leave comments for other authors yet expects them for their stories, does not respond to comments left for them, tries to tell other members or the moderators what to do, is aggressive toward other members or the moderators, leaves sarcastic or ship/character bashing comments, is not pleasant and/or does not use basic manners -- their membership will be revoked. None of us will put up with that type of behaviour. This is supposed to be fun.


If you have any comments, please email the moderators at seaislewitch @ livejournal.com.

Our Affiliates:

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To join our affiliates, please email your request to seaislewitch @ livejournal.com.

Important Disclaimer:

This Live Journal community and the stories and art posted here are based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This is just for fun! Thank you, J.K. Rowling, for letting us play in your world.

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